Stanford GSB

Posted on April 11, 2011 by

Baking Without An Oven…

I spent last week in the Bay Area.  I enjoyed the 70 degree weather, amazing food and wine (I’ve changed…), presented a “Brown Bag Lunch” on Dashfire to Stanford GSB students, and had awesome meetings with  partners,  investors, and friends.  In many of my conversations , we discussed the concept of pivoting or the ability Read More

Posted on March 23, 2011 by

Dashfire Goes To School.

This February, I was invited to speak at Wharton’s Entrepreneurship Conference and on a Chicago Booth panel on Offsite Development, on behalf of Dashfire.  My panelists were impressive: Doejo and MidVentures at Booth; and Smarter Agent and Punchh at Wharton.  The audience was engaged, and as MBAs, super bright. The panels discussed a variety of start-up topics, but Read More