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dashfire rick desai

We’ve rebranded FarShore Ventures to “Dashfire”! I suppose it is trendy to combine a couple of high-powered words as your web/tech company name and then retroactively apply a definition.  But Dashfire was the name of FarShore’s internal development server for a few years and our partners have always responded well to the name, so we Read More

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What Would You Do?

Part I. Andrew Luck, the amazing Stanford QB, elected to stay in college for another year instead of going pro.  Luck was projected to be the #1 pick in the draft and make anywhere between $10 million and $50 million, guaranteed.  I think it’s advisable to stay in school if another year will lead to Read More

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Empowering India’s Youth.

empower pragati

We’ve officially made our first investment at R3 Resources in a venture called Empower Pragati (EP). EP will specialize in livelihood skill development to help empower India’s disadvantaged urban youth. We will set up training facilities – either on our own or through franchise partners – and provide underprivileged urban youth with customer service, confidence, Read More

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I Love College.

I loved college.  The freedom, the flexibility, the fun.  I even say (only half-kidding) that I would go back if I could.  But I also love  college because of its appealing market characteristics. It’s one of the few demographics that’s ALWAYS replenishing.  There are over  12 million 18-24 year old students enrolled in 2 year Read More

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My Name is Khan.

I love Bollywood for its business model, but I am not the the biggest fan of its movies.  While they are (usually) entertaining, their success is measured on box office records not on cinematographic quality (as I’ve blogged before).  My Name Is Khan was different. It touched on an Indian-Muslim American’s plight after 9/11.   Bollywood Hero Shahrukh Read More

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