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You Don’t Need A Title To Be A Leader.

I sat on a panel yesterday at Kellogg that discussed leadership.  The MBAs in the audience were participating in a week long leadership program, and as panelists we were asked to speak about out “finding our leadership voices.”  The moderator had sent us the questions in advance, and Nick and I had a great conversation Read More

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dashfire rick desai

We’ve rebranded FarShore Ventures to “Dashfire”! I suppose it is trendy to combine a couple of high-powered words as your web/tech company name and then retroactively apply a definition.  But Dashfire was the name of FarShore’s internal development server for a few years and our partners have always responded well to the name, so we Read More

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Going Back, Back to India, India.

r3 resources rick desai

I’m headed back to India for the first time since leaving the fellowship in July 2009.  It’s a very packed 2 week trip but I’m very excited to get back.  I’m meeting Nick and spending 4 days with our FarShore team (I can’t wait to “wire-in” with our developers).  I’ll be attending a family reunion Read More

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Accountability (and the case for paying for services).

I had the opportunity to hear Jason Fried, the founder of the project management tool Basecamp, speak this spring at Northwestern University’s Kellogg Business School Entrepreneurship Week.  Jason said a number of interesting things based on his book “Rework”, but the most memorable part of his speech were his comments on “paying for services”. I found this Read More

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I Love College.

I loved college.  The freedom, the flexibility, the fun.  I even say (only half-kidding) that I would go back if I could.  But I also love  college because of its appealing market characteristics. It’s one of the few demographics that’s ALWAYS replenishing.  There are over  12 million 18-24 year old students enrolled in 2 year Read More

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Welcome to FarShore.

FSV Rick Desai

Since September of 2009, I have been working with my partner, Nick, on building a company called FarShore Ventures (FSV).  We are “partnering with high impact leaders to enable them to pursue their visions”, which really means we are helping people act on their ideas instead of just talking about the.   Nick and I Read More

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Just Rick.

I’ve made the switch from “finding rickshaw” to this new blog.  I’ll  be writing about my new venture FarShore Ventures and my continuing work in social development.  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!