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Tablets for Fourth Graders.

Here’s an idea for a new venture as described in less than 250 words… Fourth grade math in 1992.  I remember my teacher introducing a new topic, writing a question on the board, explaining the answer, and then handing every student the same worksheet of practice questions.  A linear curriculum for a classroom of students Read More

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Ignite Your Own Technology Venture.

I presented at Ignite Chicago late this summer. Ignite is a speaker series (see: local TED Talks) where presenters discuss a topic of their choice for five minutes but have only have 15 seconds per slide before it auto advances. Not easy.  The topics ranged from why dogs should wear seat belts to bob dylan’s Read More

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Measuring Tangible Klout.

Here’s an idea for a new venture as described in less than 250 words… Let’s start recognizing individuals who influence us in a tangible manner. Over the past year, I’ve actively created a social brand beyond Facebook and have connected with a variety of individuals – many of whom I’ve never met.  But while I’m finally Read More

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My dad loves utellit.


My dad just turned 61 and for his birthday, I really wanted to buy him a Batman belt so he could holster in his iPhone, hospital pager, and pedometer.  And if an iPad belt holder existed, I’m sure he would clip that on his belt too.  The same guy – who didn’t have Cable TV Read More

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Personal Board of Directors.

I was recently asked to join the board of directors…of my friend Sammy.  He calls it his Personal Board of Directors (PBOD) and I am responsible for career guidance.  I love the recruiting space and if I can be helpful to my friends re: resumes, interviews, and introductions, I will.  It is not your standard Read More

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Get Social. It’s Important.

First Round Capital Associate Position

My friends and family often ask why Twitter and LinkedIn are important.  Admittedly, as I reactively joined Twitter and LinkedIn after I started Dashfire, I am still learning the ropes.  That said, I am convinced it is crucial to be proactive on both and I wrote the below post to respond to their questions.  Let me Read More

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You Don’t Need A Title To Be A Leader.

I sat on a panel yesterday at Kellogg that discussed leadership.  The MBAs in the audience were participating in a week long leadership program, and as panelists we were asked to speak about out “finding our leadership voices.”  The moderator had sent us the questions in advance, and Nick and I had a great conversation Read More

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The More Time You Spend…

Disaster Relief Program Impact

A common problem for start-ups is balancing a timely product launch with creating the perfect product.  Personally, product-storming with our start-up partners is my favorite part of  Dashfire (excluding a company selling for millions of dollars, of course).  But, while the conversations can be enjoyable, the ideating can quickly become interminable and detrimental.  Our mutual Read More

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Baking Without An Oven…

I spent last week in the Bay Area.  I enjoyed the 70 degree weather, amazing food and wine (I’ve changed…), presented a “Brown Bag Lunch” on Dashfire to Stanford GSB students, and had awesome meetings with  partners,  investors, and friends.  In many of my conversations , we discussed the concept of pivoting or the ability Read More

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Best Things Come in 3 (Days).

3 Day Startup

Dashfire co-sponsored a 3 Day Startup event in Anchorage, Alaska this past weekend.   3DS (http://3daystartup.org/) travels the world promoting entrepreneurial learning by doing.  They assemble students and innovators who have engineering, business and design backgrounds and mix them with a group of mentors for a weekend.  The outcome is at least one new start-up.  My Read More

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