January 2015

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The Uber for Xs are Missing the U(rgency)

Marketplaces on Craigslist

Why on-demand marketplaces need urgency. Jeremy Levine and Rafi Syed recently posted about the nascent opportunity that remains in unbundling horizontal marketplaces (Amazon, Craigslist) into distinct verticals (taxis, home cleaning, shared rentals). This opportunity is illustrated through the now-famous craigslist defragmentation pitch deck slide: Sourced from http://www.leighdrogen.com/the-law-of-unbundling/; Originally created by Andrew Parker The proliferation of the vertical marketplaces is Read More

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Dashfire Portfolio Company Artifact Uprising Acquired by VSCO

Today, we are honored to announce the acquisition of Artifact Uprising, a Dashfire portfolio company, by VSCO.  There is no singular path for startup success, just a number of right paths; most of which are celebrated as successful in hindsight. The founders of AU, Jenna, Katie, and Matty, paved their own path. In fact, had they shared their roadmap with the Read More