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Ignite Your Own Technology Venture.

I presented at Ignite Chicago late this summer. Ignite is a speaker series (see: local TED Talks) where presenters discuss a topic of their choice for five minutes but have only have 15 seconds per slide before it auto advances. Not easy.  The topics ranged from why dogs should wear seat belts to bob dylan’s art collection, and in the past have discussed “why you hate comic sans” and ” boobs & boys.”  My favorite presentations from this night were @BoopBoopBDoop: Annie – in her a mile a minute delivery – had the crowd in fits; and @jersmith22: Jeremy spoke about how his love affair with parking tickets fueled his start-up idea.

I spoke about how non-engineers can and should lead internet start-ups.  Like I’ve done during previous presentations, I polled the crowd to see who had a start-up idea and roughly half the room raised their hands. But when I asked how many engineers were present, only 4 hands went up. It’s becoming more apparent that people want to launch the next. big. idea., but don’t know how to get started. I spent my 5 minutes explaining how to do just that. I was asked to publish my slides, so I’ve linked them below with text descriptions.

Here’s the actual video, however, the sound quality is poor.

Thanks to @startupstella and @timjahn for bringing Ignite to Chicago. Can’t wait for the next series!