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My dad loves utellit.

My dad just turned 61 and for his birthday, I really wanted to buy him a Batman belt so he could holster in his iPhone, hospital pager, and pedometer.  And if an iPad belt holder existed, I’m sure he would clip that on his belt too.  The same guy – who didn’t have Cable TV until 1999 (“son, it’s for your own benefit”) and lectured my sister and me when we used star-69 to make-up for our caller ID-less house – is undergoing a technical renaissance.  He has over 10 pages of apps on his iPhone and is now venturing to social media.   My mom says he spends more time on Facebook  liking and commenting than checking his stock portfolio (prior to the recent bloodbath) or listening to Bollywood music.  He is also an avid follower of Dashfire’s partners’ tweets and recently earned the compliment: “Your dad is a baller. Only uncle i know on Twitter.”

So it was a no-brainer for Rishi and Arjuna, the founders of utellit, a new Dashfire partner, to select my dad as a beta tester.   He is addicited. And although it is only a sample size of only one, we have identified our first key demographic.  In just over two months, he has sent 158 utellits or 2.6 utellits per day mainly comprised of:

·         “happy birthday” wall posts to his Facebook friends;
·         “long time no talk – hope all is well” texts to his doctor colleagues;
·         “why won’t you pick up my calls” messages to my sister; and
·         “you can’t beat me at racquetball” notes to me

Here is why my dad loves utellit:

You will love it too.  Learn more: