April 2011

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The More Time You Spend…

Disaster Relief Program Impact

A common problem for start-ups is balancing a timely product launch with creating the perfect product.  Personally, product-storming with our start-up partners is my favorite part of  Dashfire (excluding a company selling for millions of dollars, of course).  But, while the conversations can be enjoyable, the ideating can quickly become interminable and detrimental.  Our mutual Read More

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Mindset Matters.

I started “Just Rick” to discuss What Matters Most To Me.  I wanted to share with you a post on What Matters Most to a loyal reader of this blog and FindingRickshaw, and good friend, Varun.   My favorite takeaway is that if you want to make change or create value or disrupt, you have to put in the Read More

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Baking Without An Oven…

I spent last week in the Bay Area.  I enjoyed the 70 degree weather, amazing food and wine (I’ve changed…), presented a “Brown Bag Lunch” on Dashfire to Stanford GSB students, and had awesome meetings with  partners,  investors, and friends.  In many of my conversations , we discussed the concept of pivoting or the ability Read More

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Best Things Come in 3 (Days).

3 Day Startup

Dashfire co-sponsored a 3 Day Startup event in Anchorage, Alaska this past weekend.   3DS (http://3daystartup.org/) travels the world promoting entrepreneurial learning by doing.  They assemble students and innovators who have engineering, business and design backgrounds and mix them with a group of mentors for a weekend.  The outcome is at least one new start-up.  My Read More