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Prince Charles Digs Saath.

One of Saath’s biggest supporters is an organization in England called the British Asian Trust.  HRH Prince Charles spoke at a recent BAT gala and referenced Saath’s Umeed project.  Check out the excerpt from the speech below and read about the event here:   Awesome work by Saath & Umeed and of course, all of Saath’s amazing partners!

“Another wonderful example of my Trust‟s work has been the support we have been able to give to a splendid project called “Umeed,” or “Hope,” run by an organization called “Saath” in Gujarat, India. This programme addresses the critical issue of youth unemployment – an issue that has been of concern to me, both in the United Kingdom and around the world, for the last thirty-six years. The programme was established to help residents of the slums improve their employment prospects by providing them with an opportunity to learn life-skills, technical skills and basic English. Critically, after the students finish their courses, the programme also helps them gain access to sustainable sources of employment in high-growth service centres. Most jobs are at entry level in the sectors of science and technology, finance, marketing, health and home-care services, communication and hospitality services. Approximately forty per cent of the participants are girls and, in just six months, 7,000 young people have been trained with a placement rate of seventy-seven per cent! So, not only does this programme make a significant difference to the lives of the young people by helping them realize their full potential, it also helps transform the lives of those around them, revitalizing local communities.”

-HRH Prince Charles, February 16, 2011