March 2011

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Prince Charles Digs Saath.

One of Saath’s biggest supporters is an organization in England called the British Asian Trust.  HRH Prince Charles spoke at a recent BAT gala and referenced Saath’s Umeed project.  Check out the excerpt from the speech below and read about the event here:   Awesome work by Saath & Umeed and of course, all of Read More

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Dashfire Goes To School.

This February, I was invited to speak at Wharton’s Entrepreneurship Conference and on a Chicago Booth panel on Offsite Development, on behalf of Dashfire.  My panelists were impressive: Doejo and MidVentures at Booth; and Smarter Agent and Punchh at Wharton.  The audience was engaged, and as MBAs, super bright. The panels discussed a variety of start-up topics, but Read More

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Microfinance DOES Improve the Lives of the Poor. Just Ask Them.

Rick Desai Microfinance

All good things must come to an end, right?  I hope that’s not the case for microfinance even after the industry endured a tumultuous 6 month stretch.  A wave of farmer suicides in India were attributed to  unbearable debt obligations funded  by micro loans from microfinance institutions (MFIs).  Among those implicated was SKS, the darling NGO-turned-publicly-traded-and-extremely-profitable MFI. Read More