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Meet ProFounder.

BucketFeet, a Dashfire partner company, raised money for their business through an innovative platform called ProFounder.  ProFounder allows entrepeneurs to access capital from a broad community without much of the standard legal hassles associated with fundraising.  In their words: “We want to see a world in which all people are empowered to pursue their dreams through entrepreneurship.”


ProFounder was started by Jessica Jackley (co-founder of Kiva – the amazing company that allows the internet community to lend to the poor) and Dana Mauriello.  I participated in BucketFeet’s ProFounder raise and was impressed by the process; with a few clicks of a mouse, I was able to review the business plan, sign off on legal terms, and inveset.  ProFounder profiled BucketFeet in a case study and also interviewed me.  Check it out below:

“Last week we profiled BucketFeet, a Chicago-area start up set to shake up the shoe industry with amazing design and a community-building focus. We also had a chance to talk to one of BucketFeet’s investors, Rick Desai, who kindly gave us some insight on what it’s like to be on the investor side of the crowd funding process.

What motivated you to invest in BucketFeet?

Have you seen the shoes? They are cool. And edgy.  And Aaron and Raaja get it.  They are socially aware.  They are artists.  They have a keen sense for operations.  I am a supporter and investor in social development and admire how “community” is integral to BucketFeet’s mission.  The business has a great balance of community, art, fashion and of course financial growth.  Plus, BucketFeet shoes certainly add much needed style to my wardrobe. Read more…