February 2011

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Meet ProFounder.


BucketFeet, a Dashfire partner company, raised money for their business through an innovative platform called ProFounder.  ProFounder allows entrepeneurs to access capital from a broad community without much of the standard legal hassles associated with fundraising.  In their words: “We want to see a world in which all people are empowered to pursue their dreams Read More

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Seeking AT&T.

When Cingular acquired AT&T in 2004, former AT&T CEO John Zeglis asked in a press conference: “Hey, Verizon–can you hear us now?”  Brash and bold.  The two companies have since battled hard for subscribers.  AT&T won the Apple iPhone contract and then Verizon’s DROID DOES commercial paved the way for Google’s Android.  Then they fought Read More

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dashfire rick desai

We’ve rebranded FarShore Ventures to “Dashfire”! I suppose it is trendy to combine a couple of high-powered words as your web/tech company name and then retroactively apply a definition.  But Dashfire was the name of FarShore’s internal development server for a few years and our partners have always responded well to the name, so we Read More